About us

50 years of Serikor

Screen printing

Serikor is in charge of screen printing since 1963. During these 50 years Serikor has optimized its productive processes and promoted the professional growth of the staff in order to offer a higher qualitative product for the customers, based on the standards required today by the market itself. The company handles the whole production development: the elaboration of graphic designs the production of matrix on films, the engraving the printing screens and the printing processes on various supports.

Serikor quality

Quality standards are extended to all internal departments:

Graphic design projects are supported by specific software to optimize the production of the printing matrixes in order to guarantee a high printing definition on tight register tolerances, even on the bigger size.

The stretching of the screen printing frames with the last generation devices, a high-tech printing process combined with fully automatic equipments for additional processes allow Serikor to achieve a highly qualitative result in a very short processing time.

An accurate check of the final result guarantees production batches delivery without waste or flaws.

Serikor products:

Direct screen printing on leather panels also with thick varnish to give a tactile effect.
Direct screen printing on leather panels combined with partial embossing of the decoration, made just on details of the pattern.
Screen printing transfer sheets for indirect decoration of the leather.

Sublimatic transfers sheets to decorate fabrics for sportswear and fashion industry
Physical transfers production.

Decoration of composite materials by transfers and direct printing on plastic films
Dry decals for cycles, motorcycles and helmets, plastic and metallic supports on both flat and curve surfaces.
Decals for fine glass and ceramics and window graphics
Screen printing on offset printed supports for publishing finishes