Fabric decoration


Important results

Serikor achieved many important and technical results concerning the fabric decoration by means of sublimation decorating technology (transfer) , especially in the fashion industry (fashion garments,underwear, swimwear ), sportswear (football, dance, cycling, motorcycling and ski suits) and accessories (shoes inlays and shoe covers, decorations for eyewear).

Fabric decoration


Screen printing sublimation, is a decorating technology that embeds high definition, full color images into the surfaces of a substrates made of polymers or polyester. Sublimatic transfer is suitable for many applications, particularly profitable for decorating pre-cut garments. During the sublimation process, under the hot press, the solid dye in the transfer sheet transforms into gasses while the polymers on the substrate open up. After cooling the polymers will close and gasses turn back into solids encapsulated in the substrate. The designs become permanent with stunning colors and high definition.


This is a transfer technique applied to the fabric by hot moulding process, using thermo-melting adhesives which attack the fibers of the fabric itself. Depending on the fabric to be decorated is possible to provide transfer sheets of different elasticity and surface resistance, therefore the physical transfer allows to work on many different kind of fabrics ranging from closed fabric to the lycra.